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Brooks and I are two crazy kids that fell in love with each other, started a garden and a family. Modern day homesteaders as some might call it. Over the years we found people interested in the way we eat and how we keep our family well without modern medicine. Long story short, from that Well Folk Revival was born on a three acre farm in Pennsylvania where we raise our children, grow our food, care for animals, practice functional medicine, and teach our community these ancestral roots through Folk School Classes and Health Coaching.  


1 on 1 Coaching

Get 1 on 1 personalized health coaching with me

  • Nutritional books, dvds, handouts

  • Support between sessions

  • Meal planning

  • Cooking classes if local

  • Food shopping tour if local

  • Individualized plan just for your needs


Essential Oils

Essential oils have helped our family stay well through many seasons. Learn how they can help your family.


Folk school

Folk School teaches through monthly workshops to learn ancestral ways of living through food, body care, and home environment.


our mission

YOU were created with the perfect blueprint to thrive everyday THROUGH the food you consume, products you use, and the thoughts you think. 

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Join an online coaching group!

Join me for a 4 week intensive to tune up your hormones. 

If you are looking for breakthrough in your mental, physical, and hormone health, join me via zoom calls once a week for small group coaching sessions. Together in these sessions, we get to the root of your health concerns in a functional way and help you start making small attainable goals toward your big health goals. 




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