Our journey

Brooks and I are two crazy kids that fell in love with each other, started a garden and a family. Modern day homesteaders as some might call it. Over the years we found people interested in the way we eat and how we keep our family well without modern medicine. Long story short, from that Well Folk Revival was born on a three acre farm in Pennsylvania where we raise our children, grow our food, care for animals, practice functional medicine, and teach our community these ancestral roots through Folk School Classes and Health Coaching.  

If you don’t mind a little mess from endless projects, we will be great friends. We are all about slow food and good company gathered around a big farm table with beeswax candles and dry red wine. Whether you are a long time friend, health coaching client, or attending a class, you will leave feeling like you are part of the family. Sometimes even with a handful of fresh veggies or a basket full of eggs. Life is an exciting adventure that we get to celebrate everyday. I’m so glad we get to celebrate with you.

about sarah

As a teenager I was always exploring new diets, health food stores, and alternative wellness care. I believe we all have a purpose for our life. I thought mine was to teach so I became an elementary teacher. Then I got married and had babies. They became my passion, but I still had a desire to teach. Since my husband and I are conscious about the food we eat we began to grow a lot of it ourselves. Modern day homesteaders as some might call it. Over the years I found people interested in the way we eat and how we keep our family well without modern medicine.  I attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach and my three loves meshed; family, food, and teaching. Educating others about health is just as rewarding as teaching a six year old to read. Both are necessities one needs for life.

As a certified holistic health coach, my passion is to bridge the gap between the medical world and your health goals.  The healing force of being open to change, telling your story, wholesome food, and intentional living is powerful. My passion is to inspire and empower women to transform their health for a lifetime. When you change the way a woman cooks you change her health and the health of her family.  Not only will I coach you, but I believe in the significance of a mentorships and look forward to building a lasting relationship centered around these things. Together we will change the way you treat food by knowing the areas of your life that trigger you and lead you to your comfort of food. I have found through my own personal experiences it is never the food that makes me gain weight, rather the negative situations in my day that trigger my mood, thoughts, and actions that eventually lead me to make unhealthy choices. Learn what is in your way and let’s work together to break those habits so you can be the woman you are called to be.

What is holding you back from embracing your calling? You are a beautifully designed woman made in the image of an Almighty Creator. You were not made faulty. It is time to stop living in a default mode and start a revival in your life. I know that health can be confusing. There is a lot of information out there telling you what you need to do for your health, but no one takes the time to listen to your needs or to show you how to make changes.  It is time to bridge the gap between the medical world, your life, and the woman you desire to be. No one else knows your body better than you.