Why Young Living?

I am a wife, a mom of three girls, and the gate keeper of my home. As women, most of the shopping and buying for the home falls on us. We need to be educated consumers because the marketing industry knows how to target us with flashy labels and the right words. You know, all the pretty things. I fall prey to it quite often too.

A couple of years ago our journey with Young Living essential oils started because I was desperate to try anything that would help my youngest daughter sleep. The lavender I had used for years was not working. A friend let me borrow her Young Living Lavender and my baby girl slept!

I made the switch from health food store oils to Young Living and never looked back. Around the same time we found out Sawyer had digestive issues and we could not use traditional medications because it caused more harm to her little body.  Oils were a saving grace in this season of life and are still a backbone to our chemical free journey. I started reading, listening, and learning that many of the “green cleaners” I purchased regularly at the store were contaminating my family. They still contained chemicals that were causing a slow fade on my family's health. As a mother I want to set our children up for success in the future. Products that cause reproductive, physiological, and neurological are not allowed in our home. We use these oils daily in homemade cleaners, body care products, and other ways to support our wellness. I want the same for you and your family. You are worth it. Set yourself up for success now.

Thank you for saying yes to learning more. The more we know the better our choices will be. Trust me this is a journey. Give yourself grace through it. There is no shame or guilt allowed. I am here to help guide you and support you.