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Class Ticket

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FOLK SCHOOL IS A MONTHLY WORKSHOP WHICH TEACHES ANCESTRAL ROOTS OF LIVING THROUGH FOOD, BODY CARE, AND HOME ENVIRONMENT. Please understand that all class supplies are purchased in advance according to the attendance of class size. Because of that all sales are final and there are no refunds. If for some reason you can’t make it to class, you can arrange to pick up supplies and instructions within that week. 

Well Nourished Child

August 20th



Well Folk Homestead

110 Crest Rd. Lititz, PA

Packing lunches can seem like a daunting task. Top that with having nourishing foods to pack and then have ready after school for those hungry children. Join me as we explore food options to fuel those little brains and bodies. My  goal as a parent is to feed them with good food and lessen sugar consumption with ease. I will walk you through some of our favorite products for lunch packing. Sample most of the foods we will talk about, leave with a recipes, and learn to make your own elderberry gummies. Take a few home for your child to try. 

Fermented Garden Salsa

August 27th

6:30- 8:30pm


Well Folk Homestead

110 Crest Rd. Lititz PA

Have you tried fermented salsa yet? Once you try salsa this way you will not want it any other way. It is so fresh and tangy. It is easier than the cooked and canned version, not to mention better for us. Learn the traditional art of fermenting with Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sarah Stutzman on her family homestead. This is a hands on class. You will go home with 1 quart of homemade salsa and instructions to make it with your own harvest of fresh veggies. 

The Well Nourished Woman

September 16th



Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA

Max 12 tickets

More and more, women are starting to ask for different and better options regarding their health during infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Sometimes it feels like we as women will never truly feel at home in our own bodies! But there is hope...

In this workshop health coach Sarah Stutzman, and postpartum doula and chef Rachael Hollinger will team up to give you real and practical ways that you can thrive through the stages of motherhood rather than survive! 

Sarah will speak on nourishing foods that will prepare your body for pregnancy, and the components of hormone health for getting pregnant. She will also address essential oils and oil safety during pregnancy and labor, and each woman will leave with a calming essential oil roller bottle. 

Rachael will teach you how to heal faster, and avoid exhaustion and overwhelm postpartum through the use of  food as medicine. She will also help you to identify the obstacles that are preventing you from feeling loved and cared for after the ordeal of birth, and give you the tools you need to achieve a more peaceful postpartum. Each woman will learn to make and take home their own lactation tea blend.


September 17th



Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA

Max 8 tickets

Gather together around the table once more to learn the Pennsylvania German method of preparing fresh cabbage into a tangy fermented saurerkraut. Learn why our body needs fermented foods and the health benefits this traditional way of preserving can do for your immune system, mental, and physical health. Make your own jar of saurerkraut and take it home to ferment on your counter. Sample a variety of fermented foods as well as local flavors from Lancaster county.

Enjoy good food and company on the grounds of Well Folk Revival. 

Sourdough Bread

October 22nd



Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA

Max 6 tickets

Gather around the table for an intimate hands on lesson learning the ancient art of sourdough bread. After three years of failed attempts to master this traditional way of making bread, I realized I was complicating the process. I will keep it simple and easy to replicate at home. Leave with a rye starter, proofing basket and a bowl of dough to finish and bake in the morning. 

Supplies to bring:

  • Apron

  • Large mixing bowl

  • Tea towel

  • Mason jar

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