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Class Ticket

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FOLK SCHOOL IS A MONTHLY WORKSHOP WHICH TEACHES ANCESTRAL ROOTS OF LIVING THROUGH FOOD, BODY CARE, AND HOME ENVIRONMENT. Please understand that all class supplies are purchased in advance according to the attendance of class size. Because of that all sales are final and there are no refunds. If for some reason you can’t make it to class, you can arrange to pick up supplies and instructions within that week. 

Fall into Wellness

September 22nd



Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA
Fall into wellness with intention. Learn how the immune system works and ways to support your immune system while protecting against unwanted germs that invade the home and body this time of year. Learn how to make elderberry syrup, throat spray, and a natural cough syrup. Take yours home to start using for the best fall and winter. I will be sharing our wellness protocol that has kept our children well for five years. There will be nourishing food and drink to sample throughout the afternoon. This class is for anyone who wants to stop managing symptoms and start living proactively


October 8th



Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA

Max 8 tickets

Gather together around the table once more to learn the Pennsylvania German method of preparing fresh cabbage into a tangy fermented saurerkraut. Learn why our body needs fermented foods and the health benefits this traditional way of preserving can do for your immune system, mental, and physical health. Make your own jar of saurerkraut and take it home to ferment on your counter. Sample a variety of fermented foods as well as local flavors from Lancaster county.

Enjoy good food and company on the grounds of Well Folk Revival. 

Hearth & Home

October 13th

2:00 - 5:00pm


Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA

Gather together in a rustic barn with hot cider, coffee, and festive treats.

Learn how to arrange a modern style wreath of dried flowers you can hang on your door just in time for the busy season of inviting guests into your home. Make a fall scented room spray you can use to spray your wreath as well as your home before guests arrive at your door. Learn the art of shibori dye. Dye your own bohemian hand towel. All supplies are provided. Come gather and celebrate the beautiful season of Autumn together. We will have festive food and drink.

Sourdough Bread

November 12th



Well Folk Revival 

110 Crest Road, Lititz PA

Max 6 tickets

Gather around the table for an intimate hands on lesson learning the ancient art of sourdough bread. After three years of failed attempts to master this traditional way of making bread, I realized I was complicating the process. I will keep it simple and easy to replicate at home. Leave with a rye starter, proofing basket and a bowl of dough to finish and bake in the morning. 

Supplies to bring:

  • Apron

  • Large mixing bowl

  • Tea towel

  • Mason jar

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