Tiered Tin Plates


I featured this easy DIY in my last post and I am returning to teach you how to make one for yourself. I had a few tin pie plates serving no purpose in storage and I wanted to do something with them. I knew what I had in mind and that meant I would need one more pie plate. In my travels to several thrift stores I found the base, which is an old tin jell-o mold. I thought about using metal piping and asking Brook to solder it together, but he is a busy man and did not need one more thing to do. So instead, I spray painted a dowel rod (not sure on the size but a pretty thick one) with a hammered silver. I had Brook cut the rod into 2 inch pieces for in between each plate. I then used a hot glue gun to glue the plates onto the rods. I did not measure the center on each plate, just eyeball it. I topped it of with a small jell-o mold. You could get a decorative glass knob to finish the top on yours. Have fun with it and make it your own. I would recommend using some sort of stronger glue though. I did have to repair mine once. I am a fan of hot glue only for quick fixes. I wanted this made and on the table. Maybe after Christmas I will find a stronger glue and make it more sturdy. What is your favorite glue?