The Nook

We started the nook project at the end of January on a weekend that my parents kept the girls. For those of you just joining in, the nook was a storage space that went through Grace's closet. It already had electric and two large windows. A perfect room for playing babies and tea parties. I thought for sure we could get it done in one weekend. That is the dreamer in me. I thought we could slap some filler in the cracked walls and get the primer and paint on the walls. Yeah right! The walls were worse than we thought and we actually decided to do the project right and make new walls with layers of drywall compound. So once again my project became Brook's project. He worked many nights sanding and adding more layers. Take a look at the transformation. Thanks to a father in law that saves a lot of remnants from his job sites, we completed the room very inexpensively. I have to say this is our new favorite room.


Brook was only going to make a new wall in this area where it was crumbling apart but we decided to make new walls the entire way around the room. He added the drywall compound (mud) in spots and then cut the yellow netting to fit the space. Then he put the first layer of mud on. The room took three layers of mud and required sanding between each coat.

This is the same corner after it was primed and painted. We primed the walls with Kilz and painted the walls with a mis-tinted light gray from Sherwin Williams. I also found a can of mis-tinted white for the trim paint. I have a secret addiction to the mis-tint section of Sherwin Williams. Gallons use to be $1.00 but recently went up to $5.00. That is still a cheap way to paint a room.


We were going to try and refinish the wood floor but, we decided carpet would be more comfortable for the girls. The floor was in bad shape and I think beyond repair. The thing to do back in the day was nail tin can lids over mouse holes. There were lots of them on the floor, baseboards, and ceiling. Yikes! There just so happened to be a large piece of carpet in my in-laws attic. We just had to get a piece of padding for under the carpet.

The wood ceiling was very black. Brook sanded it down and used a spray gun to put a layer of wood floor sealer on the ceiling. The tin cans are still there. I am planning on cutting out stars from tin and covering the holes with something more decorative.


Now for the reveal...... take a peak through Gracie's closet... Planning on covering the foam on the door with fabric to make a bulletin board. I found an iron crib on craigslist and made seating for the girls. Baby dolls are stored under the bed. Found cheap chevron fabric and made some quick sew curtains.


Made my own chalkboard paint using a recipe a found on pinterest. One trick to getting it smooth when mixing is to use an old immersion blender. The paint was still lumpy from the unsanded grout.

A little space for toy storage. I added a tension rod and another quick sew curtain to keep those toys, chalk, and music tucked away. The girls love there music. I think there will be many dance parties up in this room.

We all love this room. We had company over the other night and all the adults and kids ended up in this room. I hope that when the baby arrives in a few short weeks, that this room is still as loved as it is now. That way mommy can stay sleeping with a newborn while the girls play next door.