Thank You Seasoned Mother

Grace had no school today so we were off on an adventure. The thrift store it was for us three girls. They are learning to enjoy hunting for bargains right along side mama. I am teaching them young, just like my mama did.

It started out rough. Some sibling fighting and arguing made for one crazed mommy.  I drove too far to leave the store. We had a little conversation about kind words and sharing and thankfully attitudes were changed.

Toward the end of the trip we were having a little fun in the hat section when a seasoned mother and volunteer at the store commented on my girl's behavior and my kind words to them. The conversation went on and I admitted I have my days. The point is, I did not know she was watching and I had the choice during the course of our morning to make a positive impact on my children and those around me or be grumpy and bitter toward my kids. All I have to say is, thank you seasoned mother for noticing a young mother and taking time to give a sincere compliment. It makes a difference and was a lesson learned for all. Thank You! I will remember this moment.