Ten. That is the number of wired haired pointing griffon puppies Sage birthed three weeks ago. They are all thriving and doing well. We watched her closely on her due date. She was restless and made nests in random places, like in the feeding trough in the barn. Well at 9:00pm Brook went to check her again and that is just where he found her and two of her pups. Then he found two more in a far corner of the barn. He moved them to the whelping box and there she had four more that night. I scooped Hannah out of bed and Brook brought Grace down and we watched the miracle of life. We thought she only had eight puppies but later the next day Brook's brother checked on them for me and he counted two more. That was quite a surprise. There eyes just opened and they are healthy little girls and boys. They will be running around this place in a few more weeks and then it will be time to find homes for all of them. There sure is never a dull moment around here.