Tale of Two Tables

You know the old saying “A cat has nine lives.”  Well I think this table might have just as many. It was picked out of the dumpster by the greatest dumpster diver of all time, my father-in-law. He always finds the greatest treasures. They may not look like much when he brings them home but they usually turn into something very useful. The moment I saw this table it was not love. It sat behind the horse trailer at our previous house and added to the junk yard. Then the industrial craze started to take hold and I looked at it differently. Brook thought I was nuts. I had big plans for it in a future studio. Well, Brook chucked it in the dumpster again before we moved into the new house. I made sure we kept it. Once everything was moved to the new house last May I noticed the legs were missing. Hmmm…. well they were bent anyway. I was just happy he saved the top. Just last month I found a pair of legs on craigslist that matched the top of the workbench perfectly.  So Brook got to work.  He put it together and I decided the top was really weathered. He took the metal frame off the sides and flipped it upside down. We decided on two pieces of barn wood for the bottom shelf. After pressure washing, sanding, and minwaxing, I sealed the wood with three coats of Zars floor sealer. I love having this huge work space to create.  I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before we started but I am too impulsive and forget about these things. Sorry, trust me it was bad!


 The second table was another one I had to convince Brook of saving. When we moved into this house the previous owners left a few things and one of them was an old rickety table made of conduit piping and plywood. I fell in love with it and Brook just laughed at me for seeing the beauty in it. I love my old farmhouse but the one thing I could use more of is counter space. I thought if I could make a breakfast bar it would free up some space on the counter. We decided to throw out the microwave and toaster and buy a toaster oven. I have my reasons for getting rid of the microwave.  Just those health conscience hippie reasons, if you know what I mean.  It has taken me a while to do it, but I am glad I did.  I was on the lookout for table options when Brook mentioned the table in the barn. It was about 6 feet long so he discarded the top, cut, and welded the frame to about 4 feet. Once again we went to the barn for some wood to make a top. At first we used three boards but decided it would look better with four. After more pressure washing, sanding, and using minwax, I sealed it with three coats of Zars floor sealer. 

What more could a girl need other than a coffee bar and a place to create.

More coffee = more time to create. Who needs sleep?