Since I can't have a garden outside during these dreary months of winter, I brought it inside. I have been sprouting a mixture of alfalfa, broccoli, and radish seeds over the last couple of months. It is very simple and sprouts are so healthy for you. Can we say cancer fighting, good stuff all packed in those little shoots of a plant. I have a favorite health food store located in Canton, NY called Natures Storehouse. I want to pick that store up and bring it home with me. I stop in every time we visit even if I do not need anything. I found sprouting seeds the last time we were up to visit family. The brand is called Handy Pantry and you can order them online.

All you need is a wide mouth mason jar (quart or pint), cheesecloth, and sprouting seeds.

Soak seeds in water for four hours. The ratio of water to seeds is 4 to 1. So I usually do 1 TBLS of seeds to 4TBLS of water in a large wide mouth mason jar covered with cheesecloth. Put them in a dark place.

Drain seeds after 4 hours and rinse them three to four times a day until the third or fourth day. Keep them in a dark place like a cabinet.

They will look like this after the third or fourth day. You can start using them. I put mine in the refrigerator to stay fresh.

Use the sprouts like lettuce on a sandwich or top a salad with them. This sandwich is made with hummus, sprouts, pepper, carrot, cucumber, green onion, feta cheese, and a tiny bit of italian dressing.