Sketches and Ideas

I always have goals for the New Year and here we are twelve days into 2015 and I am left without any definite goals written on paper. Just ideas in my head and in sketches on journal pages.

Goal setting is something I like to do with Brook and quite frankly with three little ones, work, and animals to take care of, we have not had the chance to sit down to plan. But don’t worry it will happen. This really is not like me. I need direction and something to work toward.

This year I was more driven to choose a word that I want to carry out in all aspects of my life. It took some pondering and thinking and then one day while changing Sawyer’s diaper and singing This Little Light of Mine, it hit me. SHINE!

Shine the light God gave you.

Shine your light for Jesus.

Shine by getting out of those stinky gym clothes and putting something decent on for the day. (Don’t judge now)

Shine by putting on that smile when you do not feel like it.

Shine in a crowded room when you feel like hiding in a corner.

A word on a piece of paper is not enough for me. I would most likely forget it by February or the fact that I even had a word. I needed a visual reminder to keep me accountable through the day.

Did you ever get into a creative frenzy? My 2015 sketch book is full of crazy ideas.  One of those ideas came to life one night when Brook gave me some free time. The five piles of laundry just had to wait. And the bills could sit on the table waiting to be paid just one more day. It was my time to create and this is what came out of it


It is above my work table in the art room and visible when I leave the house.

Yes, I did say that journal is full of sketches. Most of them are the exciting new plans for this blog space. They are in the works as I write this post.  I really hope it turns out the way I plan. Can’t wait to share in a few weeks.

We also have some dreams for this piece of land that the Lord blessed us with. We want to be able to give back and use this property combined with our knowledge to teach and help others in their homesteading pursuits. We know that we were not given this land to keep it to ourselves. We feel so blessed when we can share a meal, fresh veggies, fruit, or eggs with friends and family. I am not guaranteeing it will happen this year, but just know there are plans being worked out.

There you have it. No formal list of what I have to do this year.  Just some good intentions and the beginning of something exciting.

Did you know this use to be my least favorite time of the year. Now I embrace it and look forward to the fresh start.

How about you?

Blessings to your and yours in this New Year.