Sawyer's Room

Well, I finally put most of the finishing touches on Saywer's room. I am still searching for some accents for above her crib. That gives me a reason to thrift. She is now sleeping in her own room and doing quite well. While planning this room I really thought she was a he and went with a vintage woodland nursery with the option to make it girly.  I made two quilts using the Organic Birch Fort Firefly series by Teagan White. The more boyish one is up for sale on the Shingled Barn. (See above tab) Each of the girls nurseries were different with different bedding. I really like to make their rooms unique for each of them. I can't wait to see more of Sawyer's personality and to see how she fits into this family. She really is a happy baby and I think this theme fits her well. She loves to be outside and is her happiest when outdoors. So lets take a walk through her room. 

Most of the items were things I had. The wardrobe cabinet was found on a vintage yardsale page I belong to. A posting on how I distressed it will be coming soon. She also loves her hippie mobile which I made from fabric scraps, feathers, beads, and twine attached to an embroidery hoop. The side table next to the chair was my grandfathers suitcase he used in WWII and it sits on top of a vintage camp stool. It was so fun collecting attic pieces along with thrifted finds to make her room a special place that can grow with her through the years.