Sawyer May


We welcomed Sawyer May into our family on April 9th at 8:05 in the morning. She weighed 7.5 lbs and was 20 inches long. She came home weighing 6.15 lbs and is a little peanut.  I was sure this one was a boy. I am now convinced the heart rate has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. Hers was always in the 130's which they say is a boy. So when the doctor declared she was a girl I was half laughing and crying. As much as I wanted a boy, I am feel so blessed with three little girls. Daddy did not care either way. In fact he wanted a girl so he could name her Sawyer. He does love his girls and we both agreed we would not know what to do with a boy.

I do believe April is a good time to have a baby. It just adds another layer to spring.