Planting Time


The excitement of planting season is upon us. Brook has been working hard in the gardens the past few weeks planting the second row of fruit trees, transplanting the blackberries to a different row, trellising the raspberries, and planting another row of strawberries. All while I sit on the porch rocking Sawyer. I am so eager to get out there and help him but the doc says a few more weeks of healing. I am counting down the days. These gardens take a lot of time and energy and we did not even start the vegetable gardens yet. Brook recruits anyone who comes to our house to visit. Thanks Tucker for helping him with planting the trees.

We always ask each other if it is worth it and where we need to draw the line. We both know that once we start to reap the fruits of our labor it will be worth it. There is nothing like knowing where our food comes from and teaching our children about wholesome real food. Last year we did not have a garden because we moved into the house in May. I did not can or freeze in the amount that I normally do. I bought more processed sauces and vegetables at the store. So when Brook asks me if we really need the garden I exclaim YES!  Believe me I had a relaxing summer last year, but I all winter long I dreamed of shelves stocked with our own salsa, tomato sauce, beets, pickles, and the list goes on.  Bring on the warm weather, dirt, sun, and the beauty of the planting season. Weeds not welcome:)

Do you recognize those peas? Read how we started them here. Brook and the girls took the bottom boards off and planted them in the ground. They have some blooms and we are waiting for fresh snap peas any day!

Happy planting.