Our Week

It was one of those weeks you hope goes really fast. You know the kind?  We were stuck inside until today because of snow, ice, high fevers, and nasty colds. We ventured out to Target. I don't think I was ever so happy to see bathing suits hanging on the racks in February. It took all that I had to stay calm, cool, and collected throughout the week. Well we all know it was not my strength. Thank You Jesus for coming to my rescue and giving me a compassionate heart. Even though the kids were pretty lethargic due to sickness there were many moments we got tired of TV and needed to keep our brains active. It took some planning on my part to keep the days interesting. The most important thing....do not expect to get anything done! Nothing was put on my weekly planner. I actually liked this because there was no pressure throughout my day to check off my to do list. Instead I only planned little crafts and games for my kids. With the Lord's strength and some planning, this is how we made the best of a rotten week....

* Bath painting

* Fishing for letters in the bathtub

* Crafting some beautiful Valentine's Day rings for friends. All you need are pipe cleaners, hot glue, felt, and toppers like buttons or resin rosettes.

* Random crafts that lingered in the back of the art closet.

* Learning games

* Dance parties in the kitchen. Oh how the medicine made those little ones feel active again.

* By Wednesday we really were feeling trapped inside. We needed the hope of spring to fill our minds so what else would we do but order our chicks. We ordered from here.

* And yes, I did get some time to myself when the girls napped. I decided to finish a purse I have been working on since summer. Cleaning could wait till another day. I needed some mommy time. Sorry no pattern on this one. Just a creative something from this crazy brain of mine.

We are looking forward to a healthy and hopefully snow free weekend. Whatever you do and wherever you go this weekend have a good one!