Our Favorite Room


Our favorite room right now is the art room. I have always dreamed of having a studio and this is the closest I have come to that. I finally put the finishing touches on the gallery wall. This is a space to create either by myself or to share the love of art with my girls. It is cozy to us and is not even close to magazine worthy, but it is our space and it has our personal touches on it. This room also serves as our school room and mud room. There is a laundry room connected to this room and it houses a utility sink, perfect for messy art projects or science experiments.

Gracie and Hannah's art area


Old frames with fabric lined cork board for art work. Brook cut apart an old cork board. I used spray adhesive on the cork before laying the fabric down. It kept the fabric in place so I could flip it over and staple the fabric to the back of the cork board. I placed the cork in the frame and then Brook used caulk to keep it in place.


This enamel table was purchased at a yard sale for five dollars and is perfect for little ones. My mom found the chairs at an auction. I love them because they are sturdy for one wiggly little girl who is always standing and reaching across the table for whatever her sister has.

The chalkboard was purchased at one of my favorite antique shops for ten dollars.


The art work is a little bit of my painting and some framed embroidery hoops. The button picture is done by a local artist named Mary Teeter. I have had the picture forever. It was a teacher gift from my parents


Working our way over to the messier side of the room is the girls art cabinet. This was a gift from my husband our first Christmas together. I love the fact that the girls can only get to the art supplies that are in the drawers. I lock up the paint and messy items. The globe is a thrift store find and the picture is a 1950's school curriculum poster found at an auction. I fell in love with it instantly and was willing to pay the price for it. Luckily it was only a few dollars or I would have been banned from auctions and anything of the sort.

My space is not as fun as the girls and a little on the messy side. It doubles as my sewing spot and jewelry table. The bakers rack was purchased at an auction and it serves as my fabric cart on one side and my jewelry cart on the other side. It is packed full of fun art supplies ready for whatever this crazy imagination can think of. It has been quite busy these days. Can't wait to show you some of my creations coming this fall to my etsy shop. I am in the process of restyling it. If you would like to share your favorite space to create I would love to see it. Just post a link to your space below.