Natural Food Wrap

This is the year I am trying to move my family away from plastic. It is so easy to reach for the plastic to go container to store food or even seal a bowl with plastic wrap. Let's face it plastics are harmful. The less plastic I use to store things, the better off our family is. I started by switching Brook's lunch containers to glass ones and limiting the plastic to go containers he uses to pack his lunch. I also purchased Bee's Wrap for him for Christmas. I really like the product and the idea of reusable natural food wrap. I decided to try making my own. It is not as great as the Bee's Wrap but works almost as well. It is a lot cheaper to make your own and very simple. 

Melt beeswax in a double broiler/ hot water bath. I already had a chunk of wax but you can order it or find a local beekeeper to purchase your wax. 

Line a cookie tray with parchment paper. Cut your fabric into various sizes. I used a linen material on my first attempt and cotton on my second try. Both worked well. Drizzle The melted wax on your fabric and place in the oven at 400. Watch carefully. The wax spreads quickly and the fabric will burn quickly too. (2-3 minutes) Take it out and drizzle extra wax on spots that did not get covered. Transfer to another covered tray to harden.


Use it to cover containers by pressing the wrap on the edges with your hands. The warmth of you hands will mold to the bowl. You can also fold it into pouches to wrap sandwiches. Just wipe clean with a warm cloth when finished using it. This material is not intended for meat.