Magical Summer Days

My childhood summers were magical.  I hope yours were too.


Cardboard box neighborhoods

Backyard campouts

Capture the flag

Corn Field Hideouts

Cornwitch stories from my Pop-Pop

Weekly visits to my grandparents

Helping my grandparents with yard work

Chalk tracks on the driveway

Pool days

Strawberry picking

Being able to go to the grocery store with my mom (yes that was something I missed when I was in school.)

Picking out flowers at the greenhouse

Weekend trips to the beach


Plastic baby pools

Fishing with my dad

Catching fire flies

Mint tea from the garden


Camping at the local amusement park for the weekend


Did the days seem to drag forever? Yes

Did we drive our parents crazy with that same phrase we hear from our kids? Yes


Despite those things, what stands out the most are the simple moments that now seem so vivid and freeing.  Feelings of freedom and the use of our imagination we so eagerly want to get back to in the summer.

If my parents struggled we did not know it then. We just knew we could not take trips to Disney or stay weeks at the beach. My dad worked long hours so that we could have a childhood with a mother at home to care for us. When mom went back to work part time dad changed his schedule so he would be home with us during the day and he worked at night. They sacrificed so we could have the real authentic luxuries in life. A simple magical childhood full of imagination, freedom, friendships, family, and play.


So as you and I  plan for the summer months ahead on a budget that allows for authentic luxuries,  keep those special moments close and try not to pack children’s  schedules so full with camps and trips. Give them the same magical childhood you and I remember and cherish.