Jacked Up Honey: A Back to Basics Recipe

Jacked up honey is one of my longtime favorites and I love the ingredients that go into it. My husband and I concocted this recipes three years ago and it's still a tried and true staple in our home. It's caught fire in our community as well and so many of you never go thorough the winter without it. If you never tried Jacked Up Honey and are looking for some immune and respiratory support this winter then grab all the ingredients and start mixing it up. This is our family favorite and we go through a lot of it in winter months. Most of the ingredients are found in the premium YL essential oil starter kit which you can get in my profile section.

Respiratory & Immune Support Jacked-Up Honey using only Young Living Essential Oils.

4 oz raw honey

5 drops thieves vitality essential oil

2 drops peppermint vitality essential oil

4 drops Lemon vitality essential oil

2 drops orange vitality essential oil

1 drops oregano vitality essential oil

Mix all the ingredients in a 4 oz glass mason jar.

Our kids take 1 tsp once daily to support their immune system. You can take it more if you need respiratory support or extra immune support.

Safety- always use glass jars with essential oils.