In the New Year

So far in this new year we...

**Ate the traditional pork and kraut with grandmas and grandpas. It is so good to have the people you love around that big table to start off a new year. 

**Took in a magnificent sunset on a most chilly New Year's Day.

**Admired the beauty of our creator and how makes all things new again, like white snow and the art work he formed on the windows. 

** Bundled up for snowy sled rides and forts making. 

** Painted and made crafts in a warm house. 

** Smoked trout (one of last years goals that never got checked off the list. If you know me, I am a list person and if it is on there it needs to get done). Learned from this book. 

** Did some seed ordering and garden dreaming

** Declared Sunday of PA Farm Show Week an at home farm show day. We kept it on TV all day and ate our own farm show pork bbq sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes. We debated kicking the chairs to the side and standing to eat while letting the kids eat on the floor for that true farm show experience. Too many germs caused illness after the show last year, we decided it was better to stay home this year. 

And dreaming of what the rest of the year will be like....

**Will it be a baby brother or sister? Eeek!!!!! We will only find out in April when he or she is born!

**Preparing to make Gracie's room bigger by fixing up the secret nook so sisters can share a room. 

** A greenhouse for all those seeds we ordered

** Scotty camper building

** Digging our spring out for a small pond 

** More fruit trees and grapevines

**Chicks to hatch

**Most importantly growing closer to the Lord and knowing His plans for us here 

Wishing you a great start to the New Year! Embrace the blessings and adventures.