Homesteaders Gift Guide

Homesteaders are a different breed you might say. You will find us shopping from seed catalogs, hardware stores, thrift shops, and our local Ag store. So if you still have that one person or a homesteading family to shop for look no further. I have compiled a list of our favorite things that we have aquired (or hope to:))through gifts or gift certificates. As some of you know Brook and I like to gift each other items that will further the homestead. These are practical and useful gifts that will come in handy on the farm.

In our home this year we are scaling back and taking time to remember the true meaning of Christmas which is the Love of Jesus Christ. It really has been a relaxing season and I will continue this tradition in the coming years.  Remember Christ is the best gift. He will not break, get lost, or let you down.

1. Bogs are a must have on the farm. they serve as snow boots, muck boots, and rain boots. They really are an all season boot. You will often find me cleaning the horse stall in summer wearing bogs and shorts. It is quite a sight:) I don't mind spending the money on these for the kids either because they are an all season boot.

2. A gift that can be made is a wood carrier or the way Brook likes to use it, a hay carrier. The girls and I made one for Brook last year with some canvas and a thick strap. It was his favorite gift. He uses it everyday, morning and night.

3. Something I did last year was ditch all (most) of the plastic containers in our home. I have been wanting to do the same with all the water bottles too.

4. Just for fun. Handmade flour sack towels like this one .

5. A subscription to a homesteading or non traditional magazine like Taproot.

6. A headlamp. Just because it is dark does not mean the chores are finished. This is another one of Brooks favorite tools. He feeds after the kids are in bed and brings in wood for the next day. The only way he can see what he is doing is by the light of his headlamp. They come in kid sizes too.

7. So we don't have this yet but it would make Brooks task of butchering chickens a lot easier.

8. What else do you roast that chicken in? This is one of my favorite kitchen tools. I want a whole collection of them. Wouldn't it be fun to have them in all sizes and colors?

9. In my efforts to get rid of the plastic in our home I got Brook something like this bees wrap covers last Christmas. You can also make them very inexpensively too.

10. Every year Brook gets money or a gift certificate to keep his hives going. If you have a bee keeper in the family then give a gift certificate to keep his or her operation going. You will be blessed in return:)

11. Mushrooms. A new adventure into homesteading unlike the rest.

12. Hannah loves to collect her eggs in this little egg basket. Just the perfect size for her little hands. I found one while out thrifting. I should have saved it for Christmas but I just couldn't wait to give it to her.


13. Fermentation caps or crocks for those that love to make saurkraut or any type of fermented vegetable.


14. Farm to Table cookbooks like these.

15. Maple syrup supplies. We did some sugaring for the first time last year. It was quite the experience but I think we are looking forward to it again this year.

16. Young Living Oils! I LOVE that we can help ease and even quicken the sniffles, coughs, headaches, and many other ailments right here at home before it gets to the point where we need to call the doctor.

17. Just for fun! How cute is this shirt. It comes in youth sizes too.

18. Another fun one! The girls would love to eat baked oatmeal from these bowls.

So there you have it! It was a fun list to put together. I hope it helps in your shopping adventure!