Healthy Not Skinny in 2015

Have you seen the new Weight Watcher’s commercial? Bold and eye-catching, eh? Everyone is thinking of how they are going to get healthy (aka lose weight) in 2015. I am here to tell you, don’t fall for the diets! All the weight loss food and protein supplements are loaded with toxins that are not healthy for your body. 2/3 of our food isn’t even food. It’s over processed junk. If you want to lose weight do three things, lower your refined sugar intake (including refined carbs), increase natural protein intake (like hard boils eggs, cottage cheese, raw nuts and seed, and cheese), and break a sweat. After my pregnancy with Sawyer I did not focus too much on diet. I will admit I was concerned at first but then turned that energy into exercise. Nine months later and I am almost back to my pre-prego weight without starving myself. If you put effort into exercise you are going to want to eat healthy foods. They just make you feel better.

All these advertisements on television and pinterest for loosing weight got me thinking about the past year and what we have done to further our family’s health.

1. We LOVE food. Good food that is. We drink 100% organic full fat raw milk, lots of good quality butter and grape seed oil, our own grass-fed beef, bacon, and lots of cheese! There is no dieting going on in this house. Everything is in moderation though. We do not sit down at a meal and stuff our bellies. We enjoy our meal and save the rest for lunch the next day.

2. I am slowly trying to lessen my trips to the grocery store. We focus more on staple foods, meaning I can buy oats, sprouted wheat flour, nuts, and other staples in bulk. The majority of my shopping list each week is cheese, dairy products, fresh produce, and the occasional snack foods like pretzels and goldfish. We make our snacks and all of our meals. Please do not starve yourselves folks. Eat every three hours to maintain a healthy metabolism. Again make sure those snacks and meals are protein packed and have a good balance of greens, complex carbs, and good fats.


3. In 2014 we found a local organic raw milk supplier. Prior to that we were drinking raw milk, but it was not organic.

4. We also started to incorporate kefir (an amazing probiotic for the gut and intestines) into our diet. I still can not convince Brook or Grace to drink it, but Hannah loves it.

5. We began making our own bread on a more regular basis using sprouted wheat flour from the health food store.

6. Essential Oils became part of our daily regime. Did you know…?

7 out of 10 Americans are on a prescription drug.  Most of that percentage is antibiotic use. Yes our health care system is messed up too. Don’t get me wrong, if I were in an accident or needed major medical treatment I would be so thankful for the doctors and modern medicine.  What if you could use something at home to support your family’s health? Yes, my friend you can.   Before using essential oils I would feel stuck as a mom when my kids got sick. How long do you tough it out and when do you call the doctor? I want to help them and make them feel better as quick as I can but what can I give them to help besides Tylenol.  And then there are the adults in the house. There is no time for a stay at home mom to get sick. We do not get sick days over here! In 2014 I was introduced to Young Living oils and the heavens opened up, praise the Lord there is another option. I can use these tiny droplets from the life system of the plant and know they are natural, safe, and effective.

7. We ditched the microwave! You are probably thinking I am crazy. In fact we do not even miss it. I barely used it. We replaced it with a toaster oven. We heat everything up on the stove or in the toaster oven now.

8. We are slowly replacing the plastic containers with glass containers.

9. Replaced non-stick cookware with cast iron and stainless steel cookware.

10. Here is the big one.....I tossed the antiperspirants. I now use a natural crystal or my homemade deodorant made with essential oils. I am still trying to get Brook to do the same.

What if we started eating healthy and taking control of the food we eat? The food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies would not like that so much. They make a living off of our poor health choices. Think about the food Americans eat and then think about the medications they are on and why they are on them. Hmm. A coincidental connection? I don’t think so. Why are most television commercials advertising a new drug? One with more side effects that outweighs the benefits of taking the medication in the first place.

I am so annoyed at the way the American healthcare system is going. It is time for a revolution. Americans not only have to start taking control of their food but now their healthcare.  I am thankful we had started this venture seven years ago not knowing it would benefit us years later.

The process toward eating a whole foods diet is very overwhelming and takes time. We work at is slowly. Learning as we go. This self-sufficient, health conscious life does not come over night. It grows slowly as we learn to incorporate more things into our repertoire of what we are able to do ourselves. When Brook and I started our first garden that first year of marriage we had no clue it would grow into what it is today, 7 years later. It becomes something you strive for in order to feed your family healthy food. The more you become educated about the food and drug industry, the more you want to do more yourself (or find locals who can provide you with the resources to feed you healthy).

America’s food system is messed up people. Kids have more allergies and auto immune disorders these days. Including my own child.

Brook and I have many new goals for the homestead that I am excited to share with you as they unfold, but to further our families health we have discussed the option of seeing a holistic doctor in 2015.  We might get more answers for Sawyer's milk allergy than her pediatrician can give me at this point.

So how can you get healthy in 2015?

  1. Sleep... a no brainer if you want to keep sickness at bay.

  2. Be aware of where your food comes from; eat fermented foods everyday to keep your gut healthy and happy. They provide beneficial live probiotics. For example, kefir, kombucha, and fermented veggies.

  3. Take a serving of elderberry syrup everyday.

  4. Exercise. Do what you enjoy. For me it is running and lifting. You might enjoy walking or riding bike. Start with 20 minutes three times a week and work up to 40 minutes 5 times a week.

  5. Invest in some Young Living essential oils that you can use everyday to build up your immune system or to enhance your family’s health. You can get them through me at the above link. I recommend the everyday oils kit because you can start with an arsenal of oils and a diffuser. Once you learn more about them you can pick and choose oils that are specific to your body. I would love to have you on my team and be your oily mentor:)


You do not have to be a homesteader and raise your own food like us to be healthy. There are many options these days.  Health food stores sell sprouted bread if you can’t make it yourself. Find a local butcher or a farmer who sells grass fed beef and pastured pork. I even know of a local store that sells raw milk. It takes time, effort, and education to eat healthy. There is so much temptation and convenience to just grab a pizza or a frozen meal for dinner. Before you do that, think about your health and the health of your family.  Plan ahead. I use a weekly meal planner so I know in advance what needs to be prepped.

Let’s start a revolution. The less we purchase from large manufacturers the more we are empowering ourselves to take control of our own health!  Now everybody sing along …Come on get Healthy…..  corny I know but I just couldn’t help:)



Yes, we are not to worry as the bible says but it does not mean we lie back and stay silent to what is happening around us. We are given free choice and are able to be proactive in our health and food choices. My hope and prayer for you is to become proactive about your health and wellness in 2015. Blessings to your and yours this New Year.

One more link for you if I did not overwhelm your brain already:)

* Disclaimer...I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am simply a mom on a mission to keep her family healthy. These are things I use in my daily life that have benefited myself and my family. So I share in order to further your healthy lifestyle