It never fails, every year around this time Brook gets the urge to either grow or raise something. Sometimes I am a little hesitant to go along with him. This year his idea was to germinate our spring peas indoors. The girls were pumped and I must admit I was liking the idea as well. It felt good to get our hands dirty. The art room became the mud room. I caught a glimpse of Gracie's feet and they looked like summer time. You know those dirty bare feet we all love and hate at the same time. Oh I can't wait! 

Here is how he did it:

Measured the window sills

Using those measurements he made a rectangular box using thin plywood and some screws. He only used two screws on the bottom. This way he can unscrew the bottom board and place the box in the ground when it is warm enough for planting. 

He attached a stick on each side for wire. This is for the peas to be able to climb once they start growing.  We will only add the wire once we start to see some growth. 

The girls added soil almost to the top of the box and planted their snap peas. Brook covered the seeds with a little more soil and placed them in the window. 

Now to water them and see if this experiment works. 

Hope you are finding some creative ways to calm that cabin fever.