Feeling Crafty

These days we have been drawn inside more and with that comes house projects and crafting. Today I want to share two quick craft projects to cozy up the space that you call home. The first one is one that I wanted to do last year but time slipped away. It is still early enough for you to try it with your family. It only took 15 minutes to make and it is a thankful branch.

I went outside and found a dead fallen branch and broke it to the size I wanted it to be. Next, I attached one piece of twine to the top to make my hanger. Then I cut four equal size lengths of twine and tied them to the branch so that we could attach our paper leaves and paper feathers. I traced some leaves from construction paper and cut them out. I even made fancy feathers but that did take me a bit longer. Everyday we write something we are thankful for on a leaf or a feather. I attach them with mini clothes pins that I purchased at the craft store. I love to hear what Grace is thankful for in her life. It makes my heart melt.

The next craft I put together was for the moms in my Thursday morning bible study. I love banners and I like this one because it can be changed with the occasion or season.

I purchased chalkboard spray paint and black card stock at the craft store. I sprayed the paper with two coats of paint.

When it was dry I used my paper cutter to cut four equal squares. I measured my burlap to be just a bit larger than the paper and cut the amount I needed. I also measured two yards of twine for each banner.

When everything was cut, I wrapped each set up into cute little packs. I counted out eight clothespins to attach the cards to the twine. So at study everyone got a packet, clothespins, and chalk. Step one was to season the chalkboard side of the paper by lightly rubbing the chalk over it and then wiping it off. This helps the chalk to come off easier when the message needs to be changed.


Next, the moms had the option of cutting their paper into a shape or leaving it square. They then used hot glue guns to attach the paper to the burlap. Then they could write THANKFUL on their banner and put it all together with the clothespins and twine.

So there you have it, two quick and fun crafts for this season and one that can be carried into the Christmas season.