Farmhouse Love

Well we are settling in very nicely. There are still many things to be done, but with two small kids things are getting done at a slower pace than I would like. Throw in a few days of jury duty and it gets even slower. But hey, I get my a chance to write to you on these long days. On the bright side we are enjoying playing a lot on this new piece of land. The house will get done because, Lord willing, we will be planting strong roots here for many, many, years. Our priority these days is mainly to get the garden started and all the fruit trees, berries, and grapevines in the ground. Oh and to bring our chickens over to their new house, which needs to be built yet. Needless to say Brook has been busy. The list seems to be getting longer. We both know we need to play a little this summer. That means sitting down and planning some time away as a family and a couple need to happen soon before summer slips away too fast. We have decided all inside house projects will be postponed till fall and winter. I had to be convinced of this, but I know it will eventually get done. I just want things to feel like home and to me, that means pretty things in their places and pictures on the walls. I am trying to hang pictures one at a time to make it feel that way, but Brook said I can't be to hasty and pound nails into the plaster walls without thoroughly thinking about the placement of those pictures. I tend to be scatter brained (as he puts it) with the placement of things in and around the house. I get a little overwhelmed when I look at the whole house and the tasks ahead of our family. Little by little, right? I am so thankful for our parents because they have given us time to work alone without "little helpers."
So welcome to our new home, my "farmhouse love."


 Playroom and livingroom.....all those boxes and unorganized toys are driving me nuts. Trying to let it go. I'm not even in those rooms very often anyway.


Bedrooms....two days before moving I decided to rip up carpet in Gracie's room. I was determined that there was hardwood floors under the carpet. The spot that was already coming up revealed brown painted wood floors. So I thought that they would at least be painted. I realized they were only painted the perimeter. The rest of the floor was rough wood.  Two days was not enough time to refinish floors. So one of the projects on the fall winter list is to sand and finish the floors in the girls room since their carpet is the oldest in the house.

I will keep updating as much as I can as we complete projects around this place. Thanks for letting me share. Feeling so blessed and thankful these days to be able to play and raise my children in this place.