Curried Away

Suzy the herb lady: my introduction to the natural world. 

Sue was a friend of my mom’s. She had the most beautiful old home that she was restoring. She owned a stand at the local farmers market and I looked forward to every visit. I would rummage through all her herbs, oils, and potions, and I would  always add to my collection after visiting her stand. Her home smelled like a health food store and her decorating took me back in time: wooden bowls, thick wooden floors, and a big rustic farm table. Her lifestyle had a large influence on my love of natural remedies in those early teen years. They became the kind of thing that spoke to my soul and put wonder in my eyes. I was an old soul who loved collecting books on herbalism, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. Later I sold them at yard sales after I moved onto the “real world,” but recently I made a recipe of hers and the smell of my kitchen took me back to remind me of her. Not just her, but the way that God brought me back around to the song he wove into me. You see teaching wasn’t a real passion of mine. I thought it was until they put me in a box and told me what I could and could not teach. I was created to teach but not someone else’s agenda. I never doubt the purpose of my teaching career because I use it daily in my current profession. 

I sure hope you are living out the song in your soul.  Now onto the recipe and the scent of curry in your kitchen!


Curried Nuts

2 TBLS Quality butter or Coconut Oil

1 TBLS Curry powder

½ TBLS Tumeric Powder

3-4 cups mixed nuts or cashews

Melt butter and mix in seasoning in a cast iron pan. Turn off heat. Pour in nuts and coat them evenly. 

Pop them in the oven on low heat to dry the seasoning. 300 degrees for 10- 15 minute stirring often.