Adventures witht the Scotty

Over the weekend Brook and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by having a stay-cation without kids! Some ladies get flowers, jewelry, or a romantic getaway for their gift, not me. I am so thankful my husband gets me! I would love any of those things but something rare and out of the ordinary speaks to my soul.


I received my gift a month early this year. I had been checking Craigslist everyday for either a vintage camper or a 1960’s VW bus/camper to fix up. Well I found a 1964 Serro Scotty Camper in my town!  I didn’t have to travel and the guy that sold it to us restores them by ripping them down to the frame and re-building them. Awesome!!

Brook was sold and was more excited than I was with plans and ideas running through his head. It was his idea to stay home for our anniversary weekend and rip the Scotty apart. So that is what we did.

We started with all the trim, windows, and the skin to the camper.

We found lots of presents while demolishing it, but the best was a four foot snake skin under the camper skin!  We will make sure this thing is sealed tightly so that this does not happen again!


Then we ripped out anything we were going to save either for future use in the camper or for patterns.  Then the front, top, and back came off in three pieces. After that we tore off the sides with some of the cabinets still intact.

The hardest part was getting the bottom floor off the frame. Brook sawed through the bolts he could see but it still was not coming off. So I suggested lifting it on its side. Brook did most of the lifting but it did take both of our strength.  He cut some more bolts and pounded the body off the frame and it worked.

We put it back down on the ground and tipped the body back on its side to take measurements and to give us some space to start rebuilding.  We plan to take the frame to get sand blasted and powder coated this week. Then we can start nailing and screwing the base of the camper together.

Sunday we took more measurements and took a trip to Home Depot for the wood for the base. Brook cut most of the plywood so we can get started once the frame is back from the getting painted. We hope to keep working on this project once a month and have it finished for summer camping.